Big networks like Facebook, Google+, Second Life, and Linkedln may dominate the press, but some of the most exciting developments are in niche communities. These are smaller social networks just for people who share a common interest… your customers, perhaps?

Since 2001, O'Connell Meier has focused heavily on
incorporating social networking into marketing and
communications strategies. Here are just a few of our specialties:

  • Maximizing your presence in existing communities. Is a Facebook application right for you? Why isn't your causes page generating revenue? We can help answer these questions and more.
  • Creating Interactive Online Conferences to link speakers and attendees prior to events.
  • Inviting up to thousands of party hosts to share ideas.
  • Connecting volunteers in custom communities to work collaboratively on projects.

Social networking, done well, is an amazing form of marketing. Your customers help create the content  decide what they want to participate in, and thank you for providing the information and the forum.

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