Are your subscriptions sales skyrocketing?

Are your books flying off the shelves?

Are your advertisers begging for more space?


NO? Call us today! At O'Connell Meier, we understand publications. After working with McGraw-Hill,
Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, Phillips Business Information, Washington Business Journal, and
Warfield's Business Record, we understand what works, what doesn't and why in print and online.
Whether you're selling a business-to-business book or a highly technical scientific journal, we can
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Our creative professionals can help you:

  • reach new prospects
  • increase awareness of your magazine
  • increase circulation
  • boost your renewal rate
  • sell bigger ads to current advertisers
  • convince advertisers to increase their frequency
  • sell books, videos, and software
simple To learn about how O'Connell Meier is CREATING RESULTS for associations like
yours, give Rich Meier a call at 866.391.1415 x92 or send us an e-mail. For a preview of
the sales-boosting techniques we use, visit the association section of our bright
idea generator. And for an overview of our company, our experience, and our
creative and marketing services visit the About OM section.