I'm in charge of the intern program at O'Connell Meier. On this page, I've tried to give you some insight into what we're looking for in our interns. For a list of available internships, click here.

We're looking for very special candidates. The right person for this job will be an excellent student, with top grades and a major in English, Art or Design, Advertising, Marketing or Business. His or her resume will clearly demonstrate that this is an overachiever, someone who is motivated to join and lead groups, while still maintaining top grades.

All positions require certain critical traits. We maintain very high quality standards, so we are looking for accurate, detail-oriented people who can thrive in our environment. We work fast under tight deadlines, so we need people who have the ability to produce under pressure. We handle a wide range of projects from Web sites to brochures to catalogs to ads so we want people who can change course with a minimum of direction. Enthusiasm is key, along with a cheerful, positive personality and a strong sense of humor.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student who fits the above description, we would love to talk with you. Since O'Connell Meier is always eager to hear from a student for the upcoming semester(s), please don't hesitate to e-mail me at info@omdirect.com, call me at 703-739-2266, or fax me your resume at 703-739-0478.

P.S. To view the intern process click here.


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