Real world experience goes a long way in advertising! Just ask our past interns!

Former Editorial Interns

Jenny Poppert Virginia Tech University

John Kiser, George Mason University, May 1994

Elyse Leeds, George Mason University, May 1994

Andrea Thomas, American University 1997

Tulio-Manuel Capriles Paez, American University 1997

Virginia Tech University

Jenny is a rising senior at Virginia Tech where she is majoring in English and minoring in Communications. She decided to take on a copy internship at O'Connell Meier in order to gain first-hand advertising and marketing experience. She wants to learn how to aim her writing at target audiences creatively and effectively in order to persuade potential consumers. Jenny hopes to create a career out of her one true passion...writing. She wants to write and create television and print ads after she graduates in the spring of 2000. She feels sure that her internship at OM will give her the strong introduction and training she needs to break into the advertising world. While maintaining a Dean's List GPA, Jenny is also an active member of the American Marketing Association and a sister of Pi Beta Phi where she has served in several key positions such as Public Relations Chair and Morale Chair.

GMU '94

Although my title indicates that I am a copywriter, I spend a good deal of time maintaining web sites, assisting in design duties, and looking after the computers at O'Connell Meier. I am in school, working on an M.A. in English literature, and hope to continue through a Ph.D. program. Eventually, I hope to teach and do research. Working at OM--starting with my internship--has constituted, hands down, the most valuable "real world" experience I've had. In particular I've learned a great deal about useful programs such as Quark Xpress and Adobe Photoshop and, in general, the Mac operating system and Mac networks. I've worked on numerous projects, most closely with client websites.

GMU '94

Right after college, I went to work as an Account Coordinator for O'Connell Meier, Inc. I was responsible for organizing the day-to-day operations of a busy creative team, as well as scheduling, billing, proofreading, estimating, and some production. And of course, keeping the clients happy! The internship gave me so much practical knowledge--I learned things college just doesn't teach. A degree can only get you so far. Employers are looking for people with experience, and an internship is the best way to learn without wasting valuable time. I earned six credits and became marketable while I was still in school! Thanks to my internship, I never had to be an unemployed college graduate.

American University '97

I am currently working as a copy assistant after one semester as an intern. My main project of focus is to work on the OM Website, helping to revamp it and create new sections to be put on the web. I am also doing work to help the copywriters, which includes proofing, editing and working on copy. I am a senior and will graduate in May with a Bachelors Degree in print journalism. I hope to continue working in the advertising field. Working at OM has been a great help to me, mainly because I have been able to learn about an industry that I never had any experience with, but was always interested in. It has been helpful because it is a small environment, and has enabled me to learn more about the industry, and everyone has been incredibly helpful. I have helped with various projects, including newsletters, and am now learning how to create a website. Working here has been beneficial in many different aspects, and I feel that what I have learned will carry over to any job I choose to pursue in the future.

American University '97

Currently, I am a senior at American University. My major is Enterprise Management with a background in Visual Media. I am the vice-president of the AU Rowing Club and I am also planning on getting involved with A-TV, AU's TV Station. Currently, I am applying for other internship positions at FOX TV, the Discovery Channel, CBS, and NBC. I am expecting to graduate in May 1997. After that, I will work in the US for one or two years, and then I will go back to my country, Venezuela, and work in my family's business. Ultimately, my dream is to start and own a regional TV station in my home city, Maracay. Even though I am really interested in the TV industry, the experience I gained during my internship at O'Connell Meier has had a positive impact on my career as a student and future business graduate. At OM I had a chance to develop my communication skills in the real world. OM interns are involved in all the jobs the company works on. Everyone, including interns, has responsibilities that are of great importance for the success and completion of different jobs. During my internship, some of my responsibilities included assisting with the writing and revision of proposals, generating marketing ideas for clients, assisting the office manager with daily operations, offering insights in company/department meetings, and doing research necessary for the completion of different jobs and proposals. In addition, because OM keeps up with the latest technology, I was able to become very familiar with the internet, the World Wide Web, and several computer programs. I gained computer skills that companies today require/expect job applicants to have. Overall, I believe that thanks to my internship at OM last summer, I am a more competitive and experienced person today.