Real world experience goes a long way in advertising! Just ask our past interns!

Former Marketing Interns

Helena Joyce Morgan State University

Jaclyn Corr University of Maryland, May 1999

Ljiljana Brdarski Switzerland

Antonio Munoz Catholic University

Daniel Laby , December 1998

Ryan Sinclair Clemson University, May 1999

Paul "Eddie" Edmonds Northwest Missouri State University

Linette Marie Allen, University of the District of Columbia

Christine Antonio, George Washington University, May 1993

Roseann Kenney, University of Maryland, December 1994

Seamus Conlin, George Washington University, 1996

Alyssa Cloutier, American University, May 1997

Burcu Ozyurtlu, Northern Virginia Community College 1997

Mona Shah, University of Miami, 1997

Christina M. Khair,
New York University, 1997

Morgan State University

As a senior marketing major at Morgan State University, Helena wanted an internship to help her gain experience and build her resume before she graduated. O'Connell Meier proved to be just that place. At OM, Helena not only has the opportunity to learn more about her field by watching, but also by getting involved in the whole process. She plans on starting her own consulting firm in the future; and she hopes that OM will give her the background she needs. Helena is also actively involved in the Marketing Society at school, where she last served as the Vice President of Communications and Promotions.

University of Maryland, '99

Jaclyn has spent enough time at O'Connell Meier to know that when a sure thing comes along, it's best to hold on tight. Interning with OM gave her the opportunity to see what positions were available within an advertising agency and what duties were involved with each one. Not only was Jaclyn able to learn new programs, but she was also able to attend prospect meetings and coordinate some marketing efforts. Before interning with OM she spent a year as a marketing/sales intern for Washington Sports and Entertainment, or, more specifically, the Washington Capitals hockey team. Jaclyn recently joined two other staff members at OM, Roseann Kenney and Burcu Ozyurtlu, in advancing from OM intern to OM staff member.

Ljiljana traveled halfway around the world to work for O'Connell Meier. A native of Switzerland, she wanted to learn all she could about promotional planning. OM taught her the basics that she needed to know and allowed her to experience all sides of the planning process. Ljiljana was not only able to come away with a better understanding of promotional planning, but a better understanding of American culture as well.

Catholic University

Antonio, a graduate of Catholic University, enjoyed the time he spent at O'Connell Meier because it allowed him to sharpen his computer skills while he learned about the marketing field. He had the opportunity to do marketing research, update the OM website and intranet, and work on OM's database. Antonio returned to Spain, his home country, after graduation taking with him a new understanding of the marketing industry, as well as plans for a bright future.

Daniel's dream is to one day own his own restaurant which is why he wanted experience in business administration. He credits O'Connell Meier with giving him a chance to experience a different work environment than the one in which he had originally seen himself. Daniel was able to learn skills that will prove an asset to his aspirations. He believes that the opportunity he was given to attend meetings with president Rich Meier helped him better understand how people with differing opinions can reach an agreement. During his semester with OM Daniel also achieved Dean's List standing. He graduated college in December 1998 and currently works at Zamprini's Grill and 32nd Street Grill.

Clemson University

Ryan feels that O'Connell Meier has helped further his career by providing him with the valuable work experience that companies look for. During his internship with OM Ryan attended sales meetings with president Rich Meier and was able to obtain an understanding of how sales presentations are made. He also expanded his knowledge of computer databases by working with different programs such as 4th Dimension and Silent Partner. Ryan graduated from Clemson University in May 1999 with a BS in Marketing.

Northwest Missouri State University

During his internship with O'Connell Meier Paul learned a something from just about everyone in the office. He polished his presentation skills and attended meetings with president Rich Meier; he worked on "big name" accounts with Roseann Kenney; and he learned prospecting, training, and researching skills from Burcu Ozyurtlu. Paul believes that without the experience and skills he gained at OM he never would have been successful as an ad rep, nor would he have been promoted as quickly. After graduating Northwest Missouri State University with a major in Public Relations he worked for another ad agency (which he admits was "not as much fun as OM") as a graduate account intern in Des Moines. He took an advertising sales position with The Employment Guide in Kansas City during the summer of 1998 and was promoted in April to General Manager.

University of DC

Today, I am a senior marketing student at the University of the District of Columbia. Upon graduation, my strategic plans are (1) to enroll in a progressive law school program, (2) to obtain legal internships in marketing environments, (3) to successfully become a licensed attorney in the metropolitan area, and (4) to pursue a challenging career in law of marketing. Presently, I am an Office Assistant in the Public Integrity Section, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. My duties include case research, preparation of standard legal documents, proofreading, interpersonal communication, and citizen correspondence. As a marketing intern at O'Connell Meier, I accrued valuable skills in communication and presentation. The creative atmosphere of OM's internal environment was very rewarding. It encouraged me to generate ideas and freely propose them. As a team member, I was able to attend company meetings and actively participate in group settings. Based upon my exposure to various software at OM, I quickly became proficient in Microsoft Word and other computer programs. Further, I was given a "naked eye approach" to proposal writing, graphic design, and promotion marketing. On a daily basis, I completed marketing related assignments and special projects. Deadlines were easily met because OM's Office Manager properly distributed each task in a timely manner. Quite simply, my summer internship at OM jump started my motivation level to new heights, sharpening my performance level as well!

George Mason University '93

I am currently a Special Projects Officer at the Consumer Information Center (CIC). My responsibilities include managing a direct mail insert program, assisting with the production of the quarterly Consumer Information Catalog, directing CIC's Newspaper Catalog Reprint program, and coordinating survey activities. Next month I will be starting a new position at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City as a Marketing Administrator in which I will be assisting with promotions, mall events, direct mail campaigns, and tourist marketing. The marketing research experience I gained as an intern helped me to develop survey activities at my present job and also has proven to be of noteworthy interest to potential employers, as they can see I have had some marketing research exposure. My primary project was to gather information on prospective clients, primarily trade and professional associations, for OM's database. It was very beneficial in that I learned about client research as well as the number of associations (hint: potential employers) in the D.C. area.

University of Maryland '94

Back in 1993 as a third year student majoring in Marketing, I had no work experience in the professional business world. And with only one more year left of college I was becoming concerned about finding a job. I wasn't even aware what was out there! Interning at O'Connell Meier gave me the opportunity to see what positions were available at an advertising agency and what duties were involved with each one. I had the chance to learn new programs, attend prospect meetings, and coordinate some marketing efforts. My internship was particularly valuable to me because I was asked to stay on as a part-time marketing assistant while still in school. I gained valuable experience that I could relate to my classes. I am currently working for O'Connell Meier as a project manager/marketing coordinator. As project manager I am responsible for making sure my clients' jobs go through OM smoothly and all deadlines are met. My marketing duties include drafting estimates and proposals, coordinating OM marketing promotions, and managing our in-house database.

GW University '96

Right after graduation, I started working full-time at OM as an Assistant Account Manager with a multitude of responsibilities. The experience I gained interacting with clients to identify their needs and make sure they are satisfied led to my current position. During the summer of 1997, I moved back to "Bean Town" (my hometown of Boston, MA). Soon, I will be working for a tiny firm, Anheuser-Busch, as a Creative Marketing Representative. As a CMR, I will be responsible for getting people to drink more AB products through point of purchase signage, on-site promotions and relationships with the area's restaurant and bar staff. OM was a stepping stone to this by teaching me how to handle clients in a professional setting, deal with paperwork and meet deadlines.

While attending George Washington University, I was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the varsity water polo team. I graduated in 1996 with a degree in marketing. My recreational activities include sports, playing the electric bass, sky diving, sailing/boating and, of course, water polo. Since having to give away my Iguana, Phineas (Mom wouldn't let me move in with the lizard), I'll be spending quality time with my dog, Bill.

American '97

Alyssa Cloutier was an Account Management Intern at OM for Spring 1997. She now works as a marketing assistant at AssureNet Ltd., which specializes in Internet applications for the financial services industry. Alyssa says that interning at OM helped to prepare her for her current position by teaching her how to manage projects, use the Internet as a research tool and use her own creativity to problem-solve. She looks back on interning at OM fondly--she learned a wealth of information, worked with some inspiring mentors and had fun doing so.

NVCC '97

I am currently a marketing assistant at O'Connell Meier. My responsibilities include updating the database, creating sample books, organizing the sample room, helping Roseann (our marketing coordinator), updating the schedule in Silent Partner, printing for production meetings and creating purchase orders. I am also an intern buddy. Presently, I am attending NOVA and majoring in international business. I hope to go to graduate school and obtain my MBA. Eventually, I would like to work with political marketing back in my home country, Turkey. Interning at O'Connell Meier was helpful to me because it was my first experience with marketing. I also learned how to use a Macintosh and Silent Partner. I learned how to open files for clients, and build databases for new companies.

University of Miami '97

Currently, I am working part-time at an advertising and marketing agency called McGuire Company. My responsibilities include corresponding with clients, media representatives, and production managers. I work closely with the account executives and a number of high budget accounts for real estate condominiums in the South Florida area. McGuire Company develops all the brochures, print media, marketing and ad promotions for these resort areas. Aside from working, I am finishing my senior year at the University hoping to do my MBA work in the near future.

O'Connell Meier was my lead to working at McGuire Company because it helped me get a focus on the aspect of the advertising field that I wanted to concentrate my efforts upon. An important skill that I took away with me was the art of professionalism. O'Connell Meier had an amazing way of combining a relaxed work atmosphere with a strong, assertive sense of professionalism. I thank the folks at IEL-Institute of Experiential Learning it is through their internship program I was given the opportunity to work at O'Connell Meier.

NYU '97

I am currently working part (almost full) time for a company called Oblisk & Co. We import and export fabrics as well as manufacture, print and design. I'm involved in the Marketing Department with the responsibility of planning our strategies toward new markets. I organize the sales force and their territories of work. I'm graduating from NYU in May with a B.S. in Marketing and International Business. I plan on staying in the US to enjoy all the great experiences I've been having, including the one at O'Connell Meier. Since I was an international student, working at O'Connell Meier was "the" challenge. With the help of everyone in the office, I not only improved my English but also my cultural adaptation. I was very welcome and never settled for the easy work. Richard and Lynn were always motivating, pushing me toward my best results. I learned from the most basic clerical job to business level presentation and client/agency relationship behaviors. I also had the opportunity to follow all the steps of the advertising process.